cathy healing

“Cathy’s commitment to Reiki healing, and to her clients, is deep and genuine.  I had the honor of receiving Reiki from her regularly while going through treatment for breast cancer at the Middlesex Hospital Cancer Center.  Reiki is a powerful form of restorative energy work and, as it moves through Cathy, it is augmented by her gentle attentiveness, her intuitive wisdom, and her caring heart.  She is a careful listener – to words, to the body, and to the energy which moves through and around us all.  I am deeply grateful for the nurturing and healing she offered me, at all levels, at a time when I especially needed it.”  — Julie T.

“Cathy is an amazing healer.  She is extremely intuitive and knows exactly what each person needs during a session.  She also does an incredible job holding the space.  I highly recommend her to everyone.”   — Laura F.

“Cathy is a tremendous healer!  Her power to connect to spirit is felt; her healings will bring you peace.  Thank you, Cathy, for your energy and passion.  Simply amazing! ” — Ann A.

"I met Cathy in the summer of 2016.   She walked into my office with pamphlets about her practice and wanted me to put them out for my patients.  I knew little about Reiki at this time.  I had been practicing for just over two years and was undergoing a lot of shifts in my life.  We scheduled a time to meet so we could go over her working in my space and for me to have my very first Reiki session.  I had no idea that this one session with a woman I hardly knew would change my life forever.  Through the past five years Cathy has helped me to grow, shift, and become an amazing healer for myself and my patients.  She has been a place to turn through some life shattering experiences and has allowed me to come out the other side stronger and wiser.  I feel truly blessed that Cathy walked through my door that day and for the integral role she has played in my life ever since."

Lisa L.