cathy healing

“Cathy’s commitment to Reiki healing, and to her clients, is deep and genuine.  I had the honor of receiving Reiki from her regularly while going through treatment for breast cancer at the Middlesex Hospital Cancer Center.  Reiki is a powerful form of restorative energy work and, as it moves through Cathy, it is augmented by her gentle attentiveness, her intuitive wisdom, and her caring heart.  She is a careful listener – to words, to the body, and to the energy which moves through and around us all.  I am deeply grateful for the nurturing and healing she offered me, at all levels, at a time when I especially needed it.”  — Julie T.

“Cathy is an amazing healer.  She is extremely intuitive and knows exactly what each person needs during a session.  She also does an incredible job holding the space.  I highly recommend her to everyone.”   — Laura F.

“Cathy is a tremendous healer!  Her power to connect to spirit is felt; her healings will bring you peace.  Thank you, Cathy, for your energy and passion.  Simply amazing! ” — Ann A.