Cathy Freschi received her Reiki Master certification in 2009 from Roland Comtois, an internationally acclaimed medium and spiritual healer/Reiki practitioner.  She has furthered her training at The Robbat Center for the Advancement of Energy Healing and The Healing in Harmony Center's Psyche Institute for Higher Learning. Having her own experience with cancer at a young age has enabled Cathy to be more compassionate with clients while offering Reiki.  As a past member of Middlesex Hospital's Integrative Medicine Department, Cathy has worked in the hospital/hospice setting, as well as the Outpatient Cancer Center.

Cathy is available to see clients at:

Naturopathic Wellness/Dr. Lisa Laughlin, 105 Sanford St., Hamden, CT

Phone:  203-915-4227


Now teaching all level Reiki Classes -  call for further information.

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